Installation of Packages

Please type help(INSTALL) or help(install.packages) in R for information on how to install packages from this directory. The manual R Installation and Administration (also contained in the R base sources) explains the process in detail.

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Daily Package Check Results

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Writing Your Own Packages

aaMI Mutual information for protein sequence alignments
abind Combine multi-dimensional arrays
accuracy Tools for testing and improving accuracy of statistical results.
acepack ace() and avas() for selecting regression transformations
actuar Actuarial functions
adapt adapt -- multidimensional numerical integration
ade4 Analysis of Environmental Data : Exploratory and Euclidean method
adehabitat Analysis of habitat selection by animals
adlift An adaptive lifting scheme algorithm
agce analysis of growth curve experiments
akima Interpolation of irregularly spaced data
AlgDesign AlgDesign
alr3 Methods and data to accompany Applied Linear Regression 3rd editi
amap Another Multidimensional Analysis Package
AMORE A MORE flexible neural network package
AnalyzeFMRI Functions for analysis of fMRI datasets stored in the ANALYZE for
aod Analysis of Overdispersed Data
ape Analyses of Phylogenetics and Evolution
aplpack Another Plot PACKage: stem.leaf, bagplot, faces, spin3R, ...
apTreeshape Analyses of Phylogenetic Treeshape
ArDec Time series autoregressive decomposition
arules Mining Association Rules and Frequent Itemsets
ash David Scott's ASH routines
assist A Suite of S-Plus Functions Implementing Smoothing Splines
aster Aster Models
asypow Calculate Power Utilizing Asymptotic Likelihood Ratio Methods
aws Adaptive Weights Smoothing
BACCO Bundle of emulator, calibrator, approximator
bayesm Bayesian Inference for Marketing/Micro-econometrics
bayesmix Bayesian Mixture Models with JAGS
bayesSurv Bayesian Survival Regression with Flexible Error and Random Effec
BayesTree Bayesian Methods for Tree Based Models
BayesValidate BayesValidate Package
betareg Beta Regression.
Bhat General likelihood exploration
BHH2 Useful Functions for Box, Hunter and Hunter II
bicreduc Reduction algorithm for the NPMLE for the distribution function o
bim Bayesian Interval Mapping Diagnostics
bindata Generation of Artificial Binary Data
Biodem Biodemography functions
biopara Self-contained parallel system for R
bitops Functions for Bitwise operations
bivpois Bivariate Poisson Models Using The EM Algorithm
blighty United Kingdom coastlines
blockrand Randomization for block random clinical trials
BMA Bayesian Model Averaging
boa Bayesian Output Analysis Program (BOA) for MCMC
Bolstad Bolstad functions
boolean Boolean logit and probit
boost Boosting Methods for Real and Simulated Data
boot Bootstrap R (S-Plus) Functions (Canty)
bootstrap Functions for the Book "An Introduction to the Bootstrap"
bqtl Bayesian QTL mapping toolkit
BradleyTerry Bradley-Terry models
brlr Bias-reduced logistic regression
BRugs OpenBUGS and its R interface BRugs
BSDA Basic Statistics and Data Analysis
BsMD Bayes Screening and Model Discrimination
butler Unit testing, profiling and benchmarking for R
calibrate Calibration of Biplot Axes
caMassClass Processing & Classification of Protein Mass Spectra (SELDI) Data
car Companion to Applied Regression
cat Analysis of categorical-variable datasets with missing values
caTools Miscellaneous tools: I/O, moving window statistics, etc.
catspec Special models for categorical variables
cba Clustering for Business Analytics
cclust Convex Clustering Methods and Clustering Indexes
CDNmoney Components of Canadian Monetary Aggregates
cfa Analysis of configuration frequencies (CFA)
CGIwithR CGI Programming in R
changeLOS Change in LOS
chplot Augmented Convex Hull Plots
chron Chronological objects which can handle dates and times
CircStats Circular Statistics
circular Circular Statistics
clac Clust Along Chromosomes, a method to call gains/losses in CGH arr
classInt Choose univariate class intervals
classPP Projection Pursuit for supervised classification
clim.pact Climate analysis and downscaling package for monthly and daily da
climatol Some Tools for Climatology
clines Calculates Contour Lines
clue Cluster ensembles
cluster Cluster Analysis Extended Rousseeuw et al.
clusterRepro Reproducibility of gene expression clusters
clustvarsel Variable Selection for Model-Based Clustering
cmprsk Subdistribution Analysis of Competing Risks
cobs COBS -- Constrained B-splines
CoCo Bundle of CoCoGraph, CoCoObjects, CoCoCore, CoCoOldData, CoCoRaw, CoCo, CoCoCg
cocorresp Co-correspondence analysis ordination methods for community ecolo
coda Output analysis and diagnostics for MCMC
coin Conditional Inference Procedures in a Permutation Test Framework
colorspace Colorspace Manipulation
combinat combinatorics utilities
compositions Compositional Data Analysis
concor Concordance
concord Concordance and reliability Construction of factorial designs
connectedness Find disconnected sets for two-way classification
copula Multivariate Dependence with Copula
corpcor Efficient Estimation of Covariance and (Partial) Correlation
corpora Statistics for corpus linguists
covRobust Robust Covariance Estimation via Nearest Neighbor Cleaning
coxrobust Robust Estimation in Cox Model
cramer Multivariate nonparametric Cramer-Test for the two-sample-problem
crossdes Design and Randomization in Crossover Studies
crq Censored Quantile Regression
cslogistic Conditionally Specified Logistic Regression
CTFS The CTFS Large Plot Forest Dynamics Analyses
ctv CRAN Task Views
CVThresh Level-Dependent Cross-Validation Thresholding
cwhmisc Bundle of cwhmath, cwhstring, cwhplot, cwhprint, cwhstat, cwhtool
cyclones Cyclone identification
DAAG Data Analysis And Graphics
data.table Just like a data.frame but without rownames, up to 10 times faste
date Functions for handling dates
Davies The Davies quantile function
DBI R Database Interface
dblcens Compute the NPMLE of distribution from doubly censored data
DCluster Functions for the detection of spatial clusters of diseases
DDHFm Variance Stabilization by Data-Driven Haar-Fisz (for Microarrays)
deal Learning Bayesian Networks with Mixed Variables
debug MVB's debugger for R
deldir Delaunay Triangulation and Dirichlet (Voronoi) Tesselation.
denpro Visualization of multivariate, functions, sets, and data
DEoptim Differential Evolution Optimization
depmix Dependent Mixture Models
DescribeDisplay R interface to DescribeDisplay (GGobi plugin)
Design Design Package
Devore5 Data sets from Devore's "Prob and Stat for Eng (5th ed)"
Devore6 Data sets from Devore's "Prob and Stat for Eng (6th ed)"
dglm Double generalized linear models
diamonds Analysis and sampling grids from diamond partitions
dichromat Color schemes for dichromats
DICOM Import medical imaging data using the DICOM Standard
digest Create cryptographic hash digests of R objects
diptest Hartigan's dip test statistic for unimodality - corrected code
dispmod Dispersion models.
distr Object orientated implementation of distributions
distrEx Extensions of package distr
distrSim Simulation classes based on package distr
distrTEst Estimation and Testing classes based on package distr
diveMove Dive analysis and calibration
doBy Groupwise computatations
dprep Data preprocessing and visualization functions for classification
dr Methods for dimension reduction for regression
drc Analysis of dose-response curves
drfit Dose-response data evaluation
dse Bundle of tframe, dse1, dse2
dyn Time Series Regression
dynamicGraph dynamicGraph
dynlm Dynamic Linear Regression
e1071 Misc Functions of the Department of Statistics (e1071), TU Wien
eba Elimination-By-Aspects (EBA) Models
EbayesThresh Empirical Bayes thresholding and related methods
Ecdat Data sets for econometrics
eco R Package for Fitting Bayesian Models of Ecological Inference in
ecodist Dissimilarity-based functions for ecological analysis
edci Edge Detection and Clustering in Images
effects Effect Displays for Linear and Generalized Linear Models
eha Event History Analysis.
elasticnet Elastic Net Regularization and Variable Selection
ElemStatLearn Data sets, functions and examples from the book: "The Elements of
ellipse Functions for drawing ellipses and ellipse-like confidence region
elliptic elliptic functions
emme2 Read and Write to an EMME/2 databank
emplik Empirical likelihood ratio for censored/truncated data
EMV Estimation of Missing Values for a Data Matrix
energy E-statistics (energy statistics) tests of fit, independence, clus
ensembleBMA Probabilistic forecasting using Bayesian Model Averaging
Epi A package for statistical analysis in epidemiology.
epitools Epidemiology Tools
epsi Edge Preserving Smoothing for Images
equivalence Provides tests and graphics for assessing tests of equivalence
evd Functions for extreme value distributions
evdbayes Bayesian Analysis in Extreme Value Theory
evir Extreme Values in R
exactLoglinTest Monte Carlo Exact Tests for Log-linear models
exactRankTests Exact Distributions for Rank and Permutation Tests
extRemes Extreme value toolkit.
FactoMineR Factor Analysis and Data Mining with R
Fahrmeir Data from the book "Multivariate Statistical Modelling Based on G
far Modelization for Functional AutoRegressive processes
faraway Functions and datasets for books by Julian Faraway.
fastICA FastICA algorithms to perform ICA and Projection Pursuit
fBasics Rmetrics - Marketes and Basic Statistics
fCalendar Rmetrics - Chronological Objects
fda Functional Data Analysis
fdim Functions for calculating fractal dimension.
femmeR Output analysis of FEMME model results
fExtremes Rmetrics - Extreme Financial Market Data
fgac Generalized Archimedean Copula
fields Tools for spatial data
filehash Simple file-based hash table
financial Solving financial problems in R
FLCore Core package of FLR, fisheries modelling in R.
flexclust Flexible Cluster Algorithms
flexmix Flexible Mixture Modeling
fMultivar Rmetrics - Multivariate Market Analysis
fOptions Rmetrics - Option Valuation
foreign Read Data Stored by Minitab, S, SAS, SPSS, Stata, Systat, dBase,
fork R functions for handling multiple processes.
FortranCallsR Simple Fortran/C/R Interface Example
fortunes R Fortunes
forward Forward search
fpc Fixed point clusters, clusterwise regression and discriminant plo
fPortfolio Rmetrics - Portfolio Selection and Optimization
fracdiff Fractionally differenced ARIMA aka ARFIMA(p,d,q) models
FracSim Simulation of L�vy motions
frailtypack Frailty models using maximum penalized likelihood estimation
fSeries Rmetrics - The Dynamical Process Behind Markets
ftnonpar Features and Strings for Nonparametric Regression
FunCluster Functional Profiling of cDNA Microarray Expression Data
fuzzyRankTests Fuzzy Rank Tests and Confidence Intervals Delayed-Data Packages
gafit Genetic Algorithm for Curve Fitting
gam Generalized Additive Models
gamair Data for "GAMs: An Introduction with R"
gamlss Collection of functions to fit Generalized Additive Models for Lo
GammaTest Gamma Test Data Analysis
gap Genetic analysis package
gbm Generalized Boosted Regression Models
gclus Clustering Graphics
gcmrec General class of models for recurrent event data
gdata Various R programming tools for data manipulation
GDD GD device for creating bitmap graphics as jpeg, png or gif files
gee Generalized Estimation Equation solver
geepack Generalized Estimating Equation Package
genalg R Based Genetic Algorithm
Geneland Simulation and MCMC inference in landscape genetics
GeneNT Relevance or Dependency network and signaling pathway discovery
genetics Population Genetics
GeneTS Microarray Time Series and Network Analysis
GenKern Functions for generating and manipulating kernel density estimate
geometry Mesh generation and surface tesselation
geoR Analysis of geostatistical data
geoRglm geoRglm - a package for generalised linear spatial models
ggm Graphical Gaussian Models
ggplot Grammar of graphics based plots for R
giRaph The giRaph package for graph representation in R
gld Basic functions for the generalised (Tukey) lambda distribution
gllm Generalised log-linear model
glmmML Generalized linear models with random intercept
glmpath L1 Regularization Path for Generalized Linear Models and Cox Prop
glpk GNU Linear Programming Kit
gmodels Various R programming tools for model fitting
gmp Multiple Precision Arithmetic
gmt Interface between GMT 4.0 map-making software and R
gnm Generalized Nonlinear Models
gnomeGUI GNOME Console for R
GPArotation GPA Factor Rotation
gpclib General Polygon Clipping Library for R
gplots Various R programming tools for plotting data
gpls Classification using generalized partial least squares
grasper Generalized Regression Analysis and Spatial Predictions for R
GRASS Interface between GRASS 5.0 geographical information system and R
gRbase gRbase - a package for graphical modelling in R
gregmisc Backword compatibility package for gregmisc bundle
gridBase Integration of base and grid graphics
grnnR A Generalized Regression Neural Network
grouped Regression Analysis of Grouped and Coarse Data
GroupSeq Performing computations related to groupseqential boundaries.
gsl wrapper for the Gnu Scientific Library
gss General Smoothing Splines
gstat geostatistical modelling, prediction and simulation
gsubfn Like gsub but with replacement function instead of string
gtkDevice Loadable and embeddable gtk device driver for R
gtools Various R programming tools
hapassoc Likelihood inference of trait associations with SNP haplotypes an
haplo.ccs Estimate Haplotype Relative Risks in Case-Control Data
haplo.stats Statistical Analysis of Haplotypes with Traits and Covariates whe
hapsim Haplotype Data Simulation
hddplot Use known groups in high-dimensional data to derive scores for pl
hdf5 HDF5
hdrcde Highest density regions and conditional density estimation
hett Heteroscedastic t regression
HI Simulation from distributions supported by nested hyperplanes
hier.part Hierarchical Partitioning
hierfstat Estimation and tests of hierarchical F-statistics
HighProbability HighProbability estimates which alternative hypotheses have frequ
Hmisc Harrell Miscellaneous
hmm.discnp Hidden Markov models with discrete non-parametric observation dis
hoa Bundle of cond, marg, nlreg, csampling
homals Homogeneity Analysis in R
hopach Hierarchical Ordered Partitioning and Collapsing Hybrid (HOPACH)
howmany A lower bound for the number of correct rejections
HSAUR A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using R
HTMLapplets Dynamic visualisation in HTML documents
httpRequest Basic HTTP Request
hwde Models and tests for departure from Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium an
hybridHclust Hybrid hierarchical clustering
HyperbolicDist The hyperbolic distribution
ICE Iterated Conditional Expectation
Icens NPMLE for Censored and Truncated Data
IDPmisc Utilities of Institute of Data Analyses and Process Design (www.i
ifs Iterated Function Systems
igraph Routines for network analysis.
iid.test iid-test
impute impute: Imputation for microarray data
ineq Measuring inequality, concentration and poverty
intcox Iterated Convex Minorant Algorithm for interval censored event da
ipred Improved Predictors
irr Various Coefficients of Interrater Reliability and Agreement
ismev An Introduction to Statistical Modeling of Extreme Values
ISwR Introductory Statistics with R
its Irregular Time Series
JavaGD Java Graphics Device
JLLprod Nonparametric Estimation of Homothetic and Generalized Homothetic
JointGLM Joint Modelling of Mean and Dispersion
kappalab Non-additive measure and integral manipulation functions
Kendall Kendall rank correlation and Mann-Kendall trend test
kernlab Kernel Methods Lab
KernSmooth Functions for kernel smoothing for Wand & Jones (1995)
kinship mixed-effects Cox models, sparse matrices, and modeling data from
kknn Weighted k-Nearest Neighbors
klaR Classification and visualization Confidence intervals for the Kaplan-Meier estimator
KMsurv Data sets from Klein and Moeschberger (1997), Survival Analysis
knncat Nearest-neighbor classification with categorical variables
knnFinder Fast Near Neighbour Search
knnTree k-nn classification with variable selection inside leaves of a tr
kohonen Supervised and unsupervised self-organising maps
ks Kernel smoothing
kza Kolmogorov-Zurbenko Adaptive Filter for Image Detection
kzft Kolmogorov-Zurbenko Fourier transform and application
labdsv Laboratory for Dynamic Synthetic Vegephenomenology
labstatR Libreria del Laboratorio di Statistica con R
lars Least Angle Regression, Lasso and Forward Stagewise
lasso2 L1 constrained estimation aka 'lasso'
latentnet Latent position and cluster models for statistical networks
lattice Lattice Graphics
latticeExtra Extra Graphical Displays based on lattice
lazy Lazy Learning for Local Regression
ldDesign Design of experiments for detection of linkage disequilibrium
LDheatmap Graphical display of pairwise linkage disequilibria between SNPs
leaps regression subset selection
lgtdl A set of methods for longitudinal data objects.
limma Linear Models for Microarray Data
linprog Linear Programming / Optimization
lme4 Linear mixed-effects models using S4 classes
lmeSplines lmeSplines
LMGene LMGene Software for Date Transformation and Identification of Dif
lmm Linear mixed models
lmomco L-moments, L-comoments, Trimmed L-moments, and Distributions
Lmoments L-moments and quantile mixtures
lmtest Testing Linear Regression Models
locfdr Computes local false discovery rates
locfit Local Regression, Likelihood and Density Estimation.
lodplot Plot a genome scan
LogicReg Logic Regression
logistf Firth's bias reduced logistic regression
logspline Logspline density estimation routines
lokern Kernel Regression Smoothing with Local or Global Plug-in Bandwidt
longitudinal Analysis of Multiple Time Course Data
longmemo Statistics for Long-Memory Processes (Jan Beran) -- Data and Func
LoopAnalyst A collection of tools to conduct Levins' Loop Analysis
LowRankQP Low Rank Quadratic Programming
lpridge Local Polynomial (Ridge) Regression
lpSolve Interface to Lp_solve v. 5.5 to solve linear/integer programs
lsa Latent Semantic Analysis
lspls LS-PLS Models
ltm Latent Trait Models under IRT
maanova Tools for analyzing Micro Array experiments
magic create and investigate magic squares
mapdata Extra Map Databases
mapLD Linkage Disequilibrium Mapping
mapproj Map Projections
maps Draw Geographical Maps
maptools tools for reading and handling shapefiles
maptree Mapping, pruning, and graphing tree models
mAr Multivariate AutoRegressive analysis
MarkedPointProcess Analysis of Marks of Marked Point Processes
Matching Multivariate and Propensity Score Matching with Balance Optimizat
MatchIt MatchIt: Nonparametric Preprocessing for Parametric Casual Infere
mathgraph Directed and undirected graphs
matlab MATLAB emulation package
Matrix A Matrix package for R
maxstat Maximally Selected Rank Statistics
mblm Median-Based Linear Models
mcgibbsit Warnes and Raftery's MCGibbsit MCMC diagnostic
mclust Model-based cluster analysis
mcmc Markov Chain Monte Carlo
MCMCpack Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) Package
mda Mixture and flexible discriminant analysis
MEMSS Data sets from Mixed-effects Models in S
merror Accuracy and Precision of Measurements
meta Meta-Analysis
mfp Multivariable Fractional Polynomials
mgcv GAMs with GCV smoothness estimation and GAMMs by REML/PQL
mice Multivariate Imputation by Chained Equations
micEcdat Individual data sets for micro-econometrics
micEcon Microeconomics
mimR A package for graphical modelling in R
minpack.lm R interface for MINPACK least squares optimization library
misc3d Miscellaneous 3D Plots
mitools Tools for multiple imputation of missing data
mix Estimation/multiple Imputation for Mixed Categorical and Continuo
mixreg Functions to fit mixtures of regressions.
mlbench Machine Learning Benchmark Problems
mlica Independent Component Analysis using Maximum Likelihood
mlmRev Examples from Multilevel Modelling Software Review
mmlcr Mixed-Mode Latent Class Regression
mnormt The multivariate normal and t distributions
MNP R Package for Fitting the Multinomial Probit Model
modeltools Tools and Classes for Statistical Models
moments Moments, skewness, kurtosis and related tests
monoProc strictly monotone smoothing procedure
monreg Nonparametric monotone regression
MPV Data Sets from Montgomery, Peck and Vining's Book
MSBVAR Bayesian Vector Autoregression Models, Impulse Responses and Fore
msm Multi-state Markov and hidden Markov models in continuous time
muhaz Hazard Function Estimation in Survival Analysis
multcomp Multiple Tests and Simultaneous Confidence Intervals
multilevel Multilevel Functions
multinomRob Robust Estimation of Overdispersed Multinomial Regression Models
multtest Resampling-based multiple hypothesis testing
mvbutils MVB's utilities for R
mvnmle ML estimation for multivariate normal data with missing values.
mvnormtest Normality test for multivariate variables
mvoutlier Multivariate outlier detection based on robust methods
mvpart Multivariate partitioning
mvtnorm Multivariate Normal and T Distribution
NADA Nondetects And Data Analysis for environmental data
ncdf Interface to Unidata netCDF data files
ncomplete ncomplete
ncvar High-level R Interface to NetCDF Datasets
negenes Estimating the number of essential genes in a genome
network Classes for Relational Data
neural Neural Networks
nFDR Nonparametric Estimate of FDR Based on Bernstein Polynomials
nice Get or Set UNIX Niceness
NISTnls Nonlinear least squares examples from NIST
nlme Linear and nonlinear mixed effects models
nlmeODE Non-linear mixed-effects modelling in nlme using differential equ
nltm Nonlinear Transformation Models
nor1mix Normal (1-d) Mixture Models {Classes and Methods}
norm Analysis of multivariate normal datasets with missing values
normalp Package for exponential power distributions (EPD)
NORMT3 Evaluates complex erf, erfc and density of sum of Gaussian and St
nortest Tests for Normality
noverlap ncomplete
npmc Nonparametric Multiple Comparisons
numDeriv Accurate Numerical Derivatives
nws R functions for NetWorkSpaces and Sleigh
Oarray Arrays with arbitrary offsets
odesolve Solvers for Ordinary Differential Equations
onion octonions and quaternions
optmatch Functions for optimal matching
orientlib Support for orientation data
ouch Ornstein-Uhlenbeck models for phylogenetic comparative hypotheses
outliers Tests for outliers
oz Plot the Australian coastline and states
pamr Pam: prediction analysis for microarrays
pan Multiple imputation for multivariate panel or clustered data
panel Panel
papply Parallel apply function using MPI
partsm Periodic Autoregressive Time Series Models
party A Laboratory for Recursive Part(y)itioning
pastecs Package for Analysis of Space-Time Ecological Series
pbatR Frontend to PBAT to run within R.
PBSmapping PBS Mapping 2
pcaPP Robust PCA by Projection Pursuit
pcurve Principal Curve analysis
pear Package for Periodic Autoregression Analysis
permax permax
permtest Permutation test to compare variability within and distance betwe
perturb Tools for evaluating collinearity
pgam Poisson-Gamma Additive Models.
pgirmess Data analysis in ecology
pheno Auxiliary functions for phenological data analysis
phpSerialize Serialize R to PHP associative array
PHYLOGR Functions for phylogenetically based statistical analyses
pinktoe Graphically traverse a tree via GUI widgets or web based system
pixmap Bitmap Images ("Pixel Maps")
PK Basic Pharmacokinetics
PKfit PKfit- A Tool for Data Analysis in Pharmacokinetics
plotrix Various plotting functions
pls.pcr PLS and PCR functions
pls Partial Least Squares Regression (PLSR) and Principal Component R
plsgenomics PLS analyses for genomics
plugdensity Plug-in Kernel Density Estimation
polspline Polynomial spline routines
polyapost Simulating from the Polya posterior
polycor Polychoric and Polyserial Correlations
polynom A collection of functions to implement a class for univariate pol
popgen Statistical and Population Genetics
portfolio Analysing equity portfolios
POT Generalized Pareto Distribution and Peaks Over Threshold
powerpkg Power analyses for the affected sib pair and the TDT design
ppc Peak Probability Contrasts
pps Functions for PPS sampling
prabclus Test for clustering of presence-absence data
princurve Fits a Principal Curve in Arbitrary Dimension
ProbForecastGOP Probabilistic Weather Field Forecast using the GOP method
proto Prototype object-based programming
pscl Political Science Computational Laboratory, Stanford University
pspline Penalized Smoothing Splines
psy Various procedures used in psychometry
PTAk Principal Tensor Analysis on k modes
pvclust Hierarchical Clustering with P-Values via Multiscale Bootstrap Re
pwr Basic functions for power analysis
pwt Penn World Table
QCA Qualitative Comparative Analysis
qcc Quality Control Charts
qtl Tools for analyzing QTL experiments
qtlDesign Design of QTL experiments
quadprog Functions to solve Quadratic Programming Problems.
quantchem Quantitative chemical analysis: calibration and evaluation of res
quantreg Quantile Regression
quantregForest Quantile Regression Forests
qvalue Q-value estimation for false discovery rate control
qvcalc Quasi variances for factor effects in statistical models
R.matlab Read and write of MAT files together with R-to-Matlab connectivit
R.oo R object-oriented programming with or without references
R.utils Various programming utilities
R2HTML HTML exportation for R objects
R2WinBUGS Running WinBUGS from R
race Racing methods for the selection of the best
RadioSonde Tools for plotting skew-T diagrams and wind profiles
rake Normalize sample weights using marginal total population weights.
randaes Random number generator based on AES cipher
RandomFields Simulation and Analysis of Random Fields
randomForest Breiman and Cutler's random forests for classification and regres
RandVar Implementation of random variables
rankreg Rank regression for censored data AFT model.
RArcInfo Functions to import data from Arc/Info V7.x binary coverages
RBloomberg R/Bloomberg
rbugs Fusing R and OpenBugs
rcdd rcdd (C Double Description for R)
Rcmdr R Commander
RColorBrewer ColorBrewer palettes
rcom R COM Client Interface and internal COM Server
RcppTemplate Rcpp R/C++ interface library package template
rda Shrunken Centroids Regularized Discriminant Analysis
ref References for R
regress Gaussian linear models with linear covariance structure
relaimpo Relative importance of regressors in linear models
relax relax -- R Editor for Literate Analysis and lateX
reldist Relative Distribution Methods
relimp Relative Contribution of Effects in a Regression Model
relsurv Relative survival regression
reshape Flexibly reshape data.
ResistorArray electrical properties of resistor networks
resper Sampling from restricted permutations
RFA Regional Frequency Analysis
Rfwdmv Forward Search for Multivariate Data
rgdal Bindings for the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library
rgenoud R version of GENetic Optimization Using Derivatives
rggobi Interface between R and GGobi
rgl 3D visualization device system (OpenGL)
RGrace RGrace
RGraphics Data and Functions from the book R Graphics
RII Relative index of inequality estimation
rimage Image Processing Module for R
riv Robust instrumental variables estimator
rJava Low-level R to Java interface
Rlab Functions and Datasets Required for ST370 class
rlecuyer R interface to RNG with multiple streams
RLMM A Genotype Calling Algorithm for Affymetrix SNP Arrays
Rlsf Interface to the LSF Queuing System
Rmdr R-Multifactor Dimensionality Reduction
rmeta Meta-analysis
rmetasim An individual-based population genetic simulation environment
Rmpi Interface (Wrapper) to MPI (Message-Passing Interface)
RMySQL R interface to the MySQL database
RNetCDF R Interface to NetCDF Datasets
roblm MM-regression estimators
robustbase Basic Robust Statistics
ROCR Visualizing the performance of scoring classifiers.
RODBC ODBC database access
ROracle Oracle database interface for R
Rpad Workbook-style, web-based interface to R
rpart.permutation Permutation testing of rpart models
rpart Recursive Partitioning
rpvm R interface to PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine)
rqmcmb2 Markov Chain Marginal Bootstrap for Quantile Regression
RQuantLib R interface to the QuantLib library
rrcov Scalable Robust Estimators with High Breakdown Point
rrp Random Recursive Partitioning
RScaLAPACK A seamless interface to perform parallel computation on linear al
rsprng R interface to SPRNG (Scalable Parallel Random Number Generators)
RSQLite SQLite interface for R
rstream Streams of random numbers
RSvgDevice An R SVG graphics device.
rtiff A tiff reader for R.
RUnit R Unit test framework
rv Simulation-based random variable object class in R
Rwave Time-Frequency analysis of 1-D signals
RWeka R/Weka interface
RWinEdt R-WinEdt
rwt Rice Wavelet Toolbox wrapper
RXshrink Maximum Likelihood Shrinkage via Ridge or Least Angle Regression
sac Semiparametric Analysis of Changepoint
SAGx Statistical Analysis of the GeneChip
sampfling Sampford sampling (w/o replacement and unequal probabilities)
sampling Sampling survey
samr SAM: Significance Analysis of Microarrays
sandwich Robust Covariance Matrix Estimators
SASmixed Data sets from "SAS System for Mixed Models"
sca Simple Component Analysis
scape Statistical catch-at-age plotting environment
scapeMCMC MCMC diagnostic plots
scatterplot3d 3D Scatter Plot
SciViews Bundle of svMisc, svIO, svViews, svDialogs, svSocket, svGUI, svIDE, svWidgets
scope Data Manipulation Using Arbitrary Row and Column Criteria
scuba Scuba diving calculations and decompression models
seacarb Calculates parameters of the seawater carbonate system
seas Seasonal analysis and graphics, especially for climatology
seewave Time wave analysis and graphical representation
segmented Segmented relationships in regression models
sem Structural Equation Models
SemiPar Semiparametic Regression
SensoMineR Sensory data analysis with R
SenSrivastava Datasets from Sen & Srivastava
seqinr Biological Sequences Retrieval and Analysis
SeqKnn Sequential KNN imputation method
seqmon Sequential Monitoring of Clinical Trials
session Functions for interacting with, saving and restoring R sessions.
setRNG Set (normal) random number generator and seed
sfsmisc Utilities from Seminar fuer Statistik ETH Zurich
sgeostat An Object-oriented Framework for Geostatistical Modeling in S+
shapefiles Read and Write ESRI Shapefiles
shapes Statistical shape analysis
SharedHT2 Shared Hotelling T2 test for small sample microarray experiments
simex SIMEX- and MCSIMEX-Algorithm for measurement error models
simpleboot Simple Bootstrap Routines
SIN A SINful Approach to Selection of Gaussian Graphical Markov Model
skewt The Skewed Student-t Distribution
sm Smoothing methods for nonparametric regression and density estima
sma Statistical Microarray Analysis
smatr (Standardised) Major Axis Estimation and Testing Routines
smoothSurv Survival Regression with Smoothed Error Distribution
sn The skew-normal and skew-t distributions
sna Tools for Social Network Analysis
snow Simple Network of Workstations
snowFT Fault Tolerant Simple Network of Workstations
som Self-Organizing Map
SoPhy Soil Physics Tools
sound A Sound Interface for R
sp classes and methods for spatial data
SparseLogReg Sparse logistic regression
SparseM Sparse Linear Algebra
spatialCovariance Computation of spatial covariance matrices for data on rectangles
spatstat Spatial Point Pattern analysis, model-fitting and simulation
spc Statistical Process Control
spdep Spatial dependence: weighting schemes, statistics and models
spe Stochastic Proximity Embedding
spectralGP Approximate Gaussian processes using the Fourier basis
spectrino Spectra organizer, visualization and data extraction
spgwr Geographically weighted regression
splancs Spatial and Space-Time Point Pattern Analysis
ssanv Sample Size Adjusted for Nonadherence or Variability of input par
sspir State Space Models in R
StatDataML Read and write StatDataML files
statmod Statistical Modeling
stepwise Stepwise detection of recombination breakpoints
StoppingRules Stopping rules for microarray classifiers
strucchange Testing for Structural Change
subselect Selecting variable subsets
sudoku Sudoku Puzzle Generator and Solver
supclust Supervised Clustering of Genes
superpc Supervised principal components
SuppDists Supplementary distributions
survBayes Fits a proportional hazards model to time to event data by a Baye
surveillance Outbreak detection algorithms for surveillance data
survey analysis of complex survey samples
survival Survival analysis, including penalised likelihood.
survrec Survival analysis for recurrent event data
svmpath svmpath: the SVM Path algorithm
SwissAir Air Quality Data of Switzerland for one year in 30 min Resolution
systemfit Simultaneous Equation Estimation Package
tapiR Tools for accessing UK parliamentary information in R
taskPR Task-Parallel R Package
tcltk2 SciViews GUI API - More tcltk
tdist Distribution of a linear combination of independent Student's t-v
tdthap TDT tests for extended haplotypes
TeachingDemos Demonstrations for teaching and learning
tensor Tensor product of arrays
tgp Bayesian treed Gaussian process models
time Time tracking for developers
tkrplot TK Rplot
tlnise Two-level normal independent sampling estimation
tree Classification and regression trees
treeglia Stem-analysis on tree cross-sections
tripack Triangulation of irregularly spaced data
truncgof GoF tests allowing for left truncated data
trust Trust Region Optimization
tseries Time series analysis and computational finance
tseriesChaos Analysis of nonlinear time series
tsfa Time Series Factor Analysis
tuneR Analysis of music
twang Toolkit for Weighting and Analysis of Nonequivalent Groups
tweedie Tweedie exponential family models
udunits interface to Unidata's routines to convert units
ump Uniformly Most Powerful Tests
UNF Tools for creating universal numeric fingerprints for data.
untb ecological drift under the UNTB
urca Unit root and cointegration tests for time series data
urn Urn : Sampling Without Replacement
uroot Unit Root Tests and Graphics for Seasonal Time Series
UsingR Data sets for the text "Using R for Introductory Statistics"
USPS Unsupervised and Supervised methods of Propensity Score Adjustmen
vabayelMix Variational Bayesian Mixture Modelling
VaR Value at Risk estimation
vardiag A package for variogram diagnostics
varmixt Mixture model on the Variance for the analysis of gene expression
varSelRF Variable selection using random forests
vcd Visualizing Categorical Data
VDCutil utilities supporting the VDC system
vegan Community Ecology Package
verification Forecast verification utilities.
verify Construction of test suites using verify objects
vioplot Violin plot
VLMC VLMC -- Variable Length Markov Chains