Contributed Documentation

Manuals, tutorials, etc. provided by users of R. The R core team does not take any responsibility for contents, but we appreciate the effort very much and encourage everybody to contribute to this list! All material below is available directly from CRAN, you may also want to look at the list of other R documentation available on the Internet.

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English Documents

Documents with more than 100 pages:
  • “Using R for Data Analysis and Graphics - Introduction, Examples and Commentary” , data sets and scripts are available at JM's homepage).

  • “Simple R”, data sets, various PDF, PS and a browsable HTML version are available at the Simple R homepage).

  • “Practical Regression and Anova using R” , data sets and scripts are available at the book homepage).
  • The Web Appendix to the book “An R and S-PLUS Companion to Applied Regression” by John Fox contains information about using S (R and S-PLUS) to fit a variety of regression models.

  • “An Introduction to S and the Hmisc and Design Libraries” by Carlos Alzola and Frank E. Harrell, especially of interest to SAS users, users of the Hmisc or Design packages, or R users interested in data manipulation, recoding, etc.
  • “Statistical Computing and Graphics Course Notes” by Frank E. Harrell, includes material on S, LaTeX, reproducible research, making good graphs, brief overview of computer languaes, etc.
  • “An Introduction to R: Software for StatisticalModelling & Computing” by Petra Kuhnert and Bill Venables : A 360 page PDF document of lecture notes in combination with the data sets and R scripts used in the manuscript.

  • “Introduction to the R Project for Statistical Computing for use at the ITC” .

Documents with fewer than 100 pages:

  • “R for Beginners” .

  • “Kickstarting R (version 1.6)” compiled by Jim Lemon, a short introduction in English as HTML files: download as gzipped TAR or browse directly.

  • “Notes on the use of R for psychology experiments and questionnaires” A browsable version is available at JB's homepage.

  • “R for Windows Users (version 2.0)” ( LaTeX source ). Updates, a Postscript version and a browsable HTML version are available at KW's R Resources page.

  • “Building Microsoft Windows Versions of R and R packages under Intel Linux” ( associated Makefile).

  • “A Guide for the Unwilling S User” .

  • “The R language — a short companion” .

  • “Fitting Distributions with R” .

  • “Econometrics in R” ( LaTeX source).

  • “The Friendly Beginners' R Course” .

  • “An R companion to ‘Experimental Design’ ” .

  • “The R Guide” .

Short Documents and Reference Cards:

  • “R reference card” .

  • “R and Octave” , a reference sheet translating between the most common Octave (or Matlab) and R commands.

  • A “time series reference card” “regression reference card” .

  • “R reference card” .

Non-English Documents


  • A Chinese translation of the manual “An introduction to R” ( homepage).


  • “Uvod u koristenje R-a” , a translation of the manual “An introduction to R” .
  • “Osnovne naredbe u R-u” , a quick reference card .



  • “Einführung in R” , lecture notes for a 4-5 day introductory course in programming in the S language for students with basic knowledge in probability theory. See also the StatLab Heidelberg S page for more information.


  • “R<-...erre, erre...! (Bevezetés az R-nyelv és környzet használatába)” .


  • “Il linguaggio R: concetti introduttivi ed esempi” (II edizione) .

  • “Una guida all'utilizzo dell'ambiente statistico R” , an introductory guide, based mainly on “An introduction to R”. ( LaTeX source ).

  • “Analisi delle serie storiche con R” .

  • “Rappresentazione analitica delle distribuzioni statistiche con R” .

  • “Matematica e grafica elementari con R” .

  • “Formulario di Statistica con R” .

  • “Programmazione in R” , an introduction to R as a programming language.


  • Japanese translations of the R manuals by Shigeru Mase:


  • “R para Principiantes”, the Spanish version of “R for Beginners”, translated.

  • A Spanish translation of “An Introduction to R” .

  • “Gráficos Estadísticos con R” .

  • “Cartas sobre Estadística de la Revista Argentina de Bioingeniería” .

  • “Introducción al uso y programación del sistema estadístico R” , transparencies prepared for a 16-hours course on R, addressed mainly to biologists and bioinformaticians.



  • “Bioestatística usando R” .

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