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About R News

R News is the newsletter of the R project for statistical computing and features short to medium length articles covering topics that might be of interest to users or developers of R, including
  • Changes in R: new features of the latest release
  • Changes on CRAN: new add-on packages, manuals, binary distributions, mirrors,...
  • Add-on packages: short introductions to or reviews of R extension packages
  • Programmer's Niche: nifty hints for programming in R (or S)
  • Hints for newcomers: Explaining sides of R that might not be so obvious from reading the manuals and FAQs.
  • Applications: Examples of analyzing data with R
The newsletter as a medium for communication intends to fill the gap between the R mailing lists and scientific journals: Compared with emails it is more persistent, one can cite articles in the newsletter and because the newsletter is edited it has better quality control. On the other hand, when compared to scientific journals, it is faster, less formal, and last but not least focused on R.

Paul Murrell
Department of Statistics
The University of Auckland
Private Bag 92019
New Zealand
Editorial Board:
Torsten Hothorn and John Fox
Editor Programmer's Niche:
Bill Venables
Editor Help Desk:
Uwe Ligges
Email of editors and editorial board:
ISSN number:


Please send submissions to regular columns (programmer's niche, help desk) to the respective column editor, all other submissions to the Editor-in-Chief or a member of the editorial board.

Please read the short article in Volume 1/1 on how to write articles for R News.

You can also download the following files which provide a template for preparing an article for submission to R News:

Download the files into a directory, run pdflatex a couple of times on wrapper.tex to produce a file wrapper.pdf, then read wrapper.pdf.

Finally, authors are encouraged to read the documentation for the R News style file. Download the documented style file, Rnews.dtx, and run pdflatex on it to produce Rnews.pdf. Section 2 is particularly useful for describing the special commands, e.g., \pkg, that are provided by the R News style.