Other Software on CRAN

This page lists software available on CRAN other than the R base distribution and regular contributed extension packages. See also the page on R-related projects for links to software not on CRAN.

Non-standard Packages and Other Software

R packages that only run on a limited number of platforms, use libraries that are not freely available, ...
  • ffnet: a Fast and Flexible R package for single-hidden-layer neural NETworks

  • R-(D)COM Interface (for Windows) contains a COM server used to connect a client application (e.g., Microsoft Excel) with R. An Add-In for Microsoft Excel is provided as well as Active X controls to be included in your applications.

  • IMEM: an interface to memory management for C programs.

  • batchfiles: a collection of Windows XP batch files that are useful when using R.

Editing Support

See the R-related projects page and especially R GUIs for pointers.

Printing Support

  • GNU a2ps is a fairly versatile text-to-anything processor, useful for typsetting source code from a wide variety of programming languages. s.ssh, rd.ssh and st.ssh are a2ps style sheets for S code, Rd documentation format, and S transscripts, respectively. (These will be included in the next a2ps release.)